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Granja Pagès is a family company founded in 1955 in Reus by Pere Pagès Prous.

It mainly engages in the production of day-old chicks. His specialty are camper chicks for meat and laying chickens.


This type of chicks differ from industrial by its genetics, through which is developed a slower growing chicken.

This characteristic, together with a natural and organic food, provides added value to its taste and texture of meat.

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What we do

The process in Granja Pagès

What we do

Our process begins with the purchase of breeding that have comprehensive control, both in health and in the food. These chicken mothers produce eggs that subsequently incubated in our facilities with last generation incubators.

At this point we obtain different types of chicks that, thanks to their quality and hardiness, allows our client to obtain a very organic chicken.

Thus, we offer products that suit to the different needs of our customers, fulfilling our primary goal: to provide high quality products and trust.


We have the most modern facilities


During these 55 years, Granja Pagès has adapted its facilities to the latest technologies. Single loading incubators are equipped with the most advanced digital systems. And the handling of the chicks is through mechanized equipment, optimizing the hygiene and the biosecurity of products.

Incubation Room

The incubators of Granja Pagès has latest technology, recently added to its facilities.

Breeding farms

Our farms meet all current technical and sanitary requirements and are run by people with many years of experience in the sector. For that reason, our products follow very strict guidelines to reach our customers to ensure quality in the final product.


We have the best breeds of chickens

Our products

Granja Pagès offers all these products:

Laying hens

Gallina Rural Blacktail Novogen
Rural Blacktail Novogen

It is characterized by its productivity. See production chart.

Gallina Negra

Is a "Super rustic" with a larger egg.

Gallina Rossa
Brown Novogen

Laying blonde big rusticity, excellent start and oversized egg, persistence implementation.

Gallina Blanca
White Novogen

Is light, white and spectacular tail.

Gallina Blava

Created and selected.

Gallina Franciscana

Very productive in alternative systems.

Gallina Sussex

It is a chicken rather large figure back to square long, wide and flat. Crest rather average tarsos ears red and light colored meat.

For Meat

Gallina Label vermell camper
Red label camper

Slower growth rate chick.

Gallina Tricolor

An intermediate growth speed chick with a three color plumage.

Gallina Coll Pelat
Bare neck (red and black)

Chicken with intermediate growth rate and a red and black plumage. They have naked neck (peeled).

Gallina Gris Barré
Grey Barré

Chick with intermediate growth rate with white and black barred plumage.

Gallina Broiler Redbro
Broiler Redbro

Chick with a faster growth rate and red plumage.

Gallina Broiler Negra
Black Broiler

Intermediate growth rate chick with black plumage.

Gallina Master Gris
Grey Master – Susex

Intermediate growth rate chick with a black and white plumage.

Gallina Kabir Vermella
Red Kabir

Intermediate growth rate chick with gold plumage.

Gallina Broiler Blanca
White Broiler

Very fast growth rate chick with a white plumage.


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For any questions we are at your disposal.

Where to find us

Granja Pagès
Apartat de correus 1.170 – REUS HATCHERY ROOM
Partida Roquís, s/n
43330 – RIUDOMS

monday to friday:
+34 977 323 298

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